Ear Jacket silver earrings

Cali silver earrings
Murona packaging
Cali silver earrings
Murona packaging
Cali Silver

The Cali 925 sterling silver earrings are one of the most chic earrings of the moment. A pair of Ear Jacket earrings, that hold 5 white zircons below the earlobe, which match with the main zirconia stone located in the lobe. This way, you can achieve a shiny look with an extra touch of glamour. Ear jacket earrings consist of two pieces that join to achieve a single and original earring.

Finish: Silver Rhodium plating

Stones: Stones: White Zirconia

Lock System: Traditional push Earring Back

Attachment Instructions:

- Insert the earring with stick through the front part of your ear.

- Insert the pendant part of the earring into the stick, through the back part of your ear.

- Remember that you can choose the height of the pendant, so that it fits below your earlobe.

- Insert the earring back on the stick to secure the earring position.