The care and maintenance of your MURONA jewelry is not difficult. If you follow our advice you will be sure to keep your jewelry in perfect conditions and shiny as the first day.

Sterling Silver offers a great guarantee in terms of quality and compatibility with any type of skin. However, over time, due to outdoor use and exposure, the loss of luster in silver is natural. This is why we recommend not to wet the jewelry, not to use it when doing sport and above all, do not spray perfume on them.

We recommend storing each piece individually, ideally in a padded jewelry box and always avoiding humid places (under no circumstances should you keep them in the bathroom!). To store them in the MURONA bag that we provide you is a good idea, ideal to ensure the duration of the jewels in good condition.

To clean your jewelry you can use a dry cotton cloth alone or you can use the cloth to rub them gently with a small amount of mild soap and lukewarm water. To clean the corners and details of certain jewels you can use a soft toothbrush. It is important that whenever you wash a gold plated item, you do it very delicately and without rubbing too hard, as the gold plating could wear off.

In case your golden jewelry has lost its tone sooner than you expected, contact us to receive information about our gold plating service. It will make your jewelry recover its initial shine.

Take care of your MURONA jewelry and it will always look as good as new!