Semi precious stones, also known as gemstones, are natural stones, mostly mineral. Some of them, however, are organic (such as amber, fossilized plant resin...). The human being has always felt devotion and has related a certain mysticism to precious, rare, or very difficult to find in nature stones. Because they are so particular, they have been given different uses: as a symbol of exclusivity and power, as a cult to certain deities, as a means to heal or hurt and even for ornamentation.

At Murona we wanted to launch a collection full of color, perfect to brighten up gray days and add a colorful touch to your look, and what better way to do it than with semi-precious stones! Not only will they enhance the value of the jewel, making it more exclusive, but we have also given a lot of thought to the properties and meaning of each stone, to make jewels that become your true amulets. Don't miss our Amuletto collection of semi-precious stone jewelry!

Aquamarine: good luck amulet and anti-stress

Pearls: they grant you good luck and symbolize purity

Black Spinel: natural stone for optimism and to avoid blockings

Iolite: perfect to enhance self esteem and to attract money

Smoky Quartz: it blocks negative energies and has healing properties

Moonstone: helps women enhance their natural power

Labradorite: has properties to ease the mind and the insecurities

Aqua Calci: semiprecious quartz stone that brings calm and helps thinking